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pianomap : Excerpts from the book: "What Every Pianist Needs to Know about the Body"

By Thomas Mark

Partial Table of Contents

Listed below are the chapter titles from the book, and a few of the topics in each chapter. The book includes discussion of many additional topics, not mentioned here. Click on highlighted words to read excerpts from the book

  1. Basic Concepts
  2. Mapping the Structure
  3. Mapping the Places of Balance
    • Posture vs. Balance
    • Downward Pull
    • Recovering Balance
    • The Head on the Spine
    • The Lumbar Spine
    • The Hip Joint
      • Sitting
      • Going from Standing to Sitting
    • The Height of the Bench
  4. Mapping the Arm and Hand
    • The Whole Arm
    • The Shoulder Joint
    • The Elbow Joint
      • Bending
      • Rotation
    • The Wrist
    • The Use of the Thumb
  5. Mapping Muscles
    • The Back
    • Thumb Orientation and Ulnar Deviation
    • Suspension of the Arms
  6. Mapping Breathing
    • Movement of Breathing
    • Breathing with the Phrase
  7. Mapping the Piano
    • The Piano Map
    • Mapping the Point of Sound
    • Mapping Listening and Space
  8. Additional Concerns of Organists
    • Mapping Movements for Organists
    • Technique Issues and Gestures
    • Specific Balance and Movement Concerns
  9. Injuries and Retraining
    • Four Causes of Injury
    • Cure of Injury
    • Why Many Pianists Do Not Recover

To order the book or the video from the publisher, call 800 442-1358 or 708 496-3800, or order online.

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